Michael Dean Reynolds

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 Seeking opportunities to further develop my career in wilderness leadership


Associate Degree – Anticipated completion date: December 2009

Concentration: – Outdoor Recreation, Leadership and Management

Core 40 (College-Prep) Diploma, 2001

OUTDOOR EMPLOYMENT                                                                                                                         

Second Nature Wilderness Program (Clayton, Georgia): 2010 - present

Senior Field Instructor

Northwest Youth Corporation (Eugene, Oregon):  2009 - seasonal

Assistant Crew Leader

Wildman Whitewater Ranch (Niagra, Wisconsin):   2006-2009 - seasonal

Rafting, Sea Kayaking, Rock Climbing Guide, and Bus Driver

SOAR (Balsam, North Carolina):  Summer 2006 / Summer 2007

Field Instructor

Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan (Marquette, Michigan):  2005

Direct Care Staff

Rocky Mountain Adventures (Ft. Collins, Colorado):  Summer 2004

Photographer / Bus Driver

Agassiz Village Summer Camp (Poland, Maine):  Summer 2003

Ropes Course Director

  Northern Michigan University - Outdoor Recreation Center  (Marquette, Michigan):  2002

Climbing Wall Facilitator


       Search and Rescue

      Ropes Course Training

       Long Distance Hiking Experience


 PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCES