Michael Dean Reynolds
Personal Statement

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I have acquired eight years of either working with youth, working for the outdoor industry, or in major personal expeditions.  This time has been spent in as a direct care worker in a children’s group home, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and over 100 guided expedition days as a field instructor.  This experience has enabled me become proficient in the following areas:

I also hold certifications that increase my value to a wilderness therapy program

In addition to my experiences and certifications, I posses soft skills that enable me to work successfully in the field of wilderness therapy.  Most importantly, I gain rapport with each individual by actively listening and giving respect.  I teach with encouragement, empathy, compassion and motivation in my voice.  While engaging participants in fun and challenging activities, I also hold each participant accountable for reaching personal goals with dignity and honor.  My goal is to guide in a manner that empowers each person to grow into a better gentleman or lady.  I also understand the importance of working as part of a team and happily perform day-to-day tasks and support my colleagues in a positive fashion.  These soft skills enable me to gain the respect of young people while working with them at their level.